Music influences people, and thus, to the highest degree, the world.

Making and composing music is an art, a talent, or something that is learned with an awful lot of discipline. Poetry and philosophy in sound… a universal language. Joy, sadness, fun, anger and dozens of other emotions and nuances are communicated in this way, sometimes obliquely and sometimes harmoniously… depending on the listener’s perception.

You can learn something about yourself from many an artist if you listen to them. When words, knowledge, sound, experience and time coalesce into magic, when dogmas crumble away and you understand: that is the moment when you feel something that you will never, ever forget. An impression or just a good time. The expression “I couldn’t have put it better myself” wasn’t coined without good reason.

Some people can do that really well. Whether you’re lovesick and “that one song” is like balm for the soul, a cure for the heart, or whether it propels you through the roof and makes you go berserk.

All of this is magic, not a business.

Learning from scratch, I’ve been travelling the show business road for almost 20 years now since I was 16. Be it as a stagehand, lighting technician or sound engineer, location manager for TV productions, backliner, production manager or tour guide for national and international artists: I’ve survived everything, sometimes more, sometimes less successfully. I’ve always kept my eyes and ears open and have always learned something new… time and time again, day in, day out. I’ve always remained faithful to myself and my ideals, and have faced every person on an equal footing and with respect. Not always everybody’s darling, and often swimming against the tide.

I would like to offer my experience, contacts and services to good bands – regardless of whether they’re newcomers or old hands – and artists who know why they’re taking it all upon themselves. We will work together and network with like-minded people. Fair terms, treating one another honestly and respectfully, so that we can all breathe with the right to self-determination.

That’s why BE TRUE exists, to give something back to the music business that has so often gone amiss on the road: the heart. Many artists want to make a difference. I hear that all over the country… over and over again.

We make music, we’re already making a difference…

Felix qui potuit rerum cognoscere causas