A catchy hookline mixed up with a melodic and forceful guitarsound, youthful freshness of Californian pop-rock and dreamy, rushing British alternative rock: SERAPHINS

Lorenzo Ferrari and Alessandro Ventura, both born in 1990, play together since they were 14 years old, they shared hundreds of concerts and played together with dozens of musicians who joined them through different bands. In early 2012 Lore and Ale parted ways.
Just two years later their path have crossed again in London. A lucky coincidence. Next step was as clear as crystal. SERAPHINS was born.

Marco Brignoli on bass, missing piece in the puzzle, joined the band a month later.
After several live concerts and a tour in Italy and Eastern Europe, SERAPHINS released their first long player “Dreamless”.
In May 2014 SERAPHINS realize the video of the albums lead single “Dreamless” (now in airplay on several radio stations in Europe)
SERAPHINS, ass-kicking Pop-Rock from Europe.

Watch out for Tour-Dates in your city !!! Dance with us, dream with us…


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